Review - Dead Space: Martyr

Title: Dead Space: Martyr
Author: B.K. Everson
Release Date: July 14th 2010
Pages: 416
Publisher: Tor Books

My Rating:

We have seen the future.

A universe cursed with life after death. It all started deep beneath the Yucatan peninsula, where an archaeological discovery took us into a new age, bringing us face-to-face with our origins and destiny. 

Michael Altman had a theory no one would hear.

 It cursed our world for centuries to come.

This, at last, is his story.

My Thoughts

This book will only make sense to those who have played, or at least know the story behind, the Dead Space games.

This book was freaking brilliant when it comes to introducing us to Altman. From the games we are only presented with the fact that he is the founder of a religious movement, called unitology and that he died misteriously.
These informations will make you assume that he is evil or, as the rest of the believers, completely ignorant about the Marker and its intentions and effects. Well, this book may change your view on him.

Since the beginning of the book we follow Altman and the events that led to his involvement with the Marker and how he became 'the founder' of this so called religion. These events are not easily predictable and you will be surprised at how the first Marker, the black one, was discovered and delt with.
Nothing in this book is random, everything makes sense and everything will tie together in the end, which was one of the reasons that made me like it so damn much. I must confess though that in the beginning it was a little slow for me, mostly because I like it better when the main events of a book start right away, but with this book there needed to be a slow start so that you could get to know Altman as a human being and relate to him or at least connect in a way that you could almost experience his journey as your own.
There is no need to say that I became a 'fan' of Altman and that this makes me want to go back to the Dead Space games and yell at Isaac to not believe everything that he his told, but part of me knows that Isaac already knows that.

There are also little details that made me 'fangirl' a little to hard, such as when the name Ishimura appeared out of the blue and made me go 'SO THAT'S HOW THEY GOT THE NAME FOR THE SHIP!'. I won't spoil any other details so that you may have the opportunity to find them yourself.

Even though this book covers a good part of the questions that may have aroused from the games, it still doesn't cover some important ones, in my opinion, like 'why doesn't the black marker change people into necromorphs once they die but the red marker does?' and 'why and how did the first red marker end up on regis VII?'. Well maybe on another book from this franchising these questions will be answered.

All in all I enjoyed this 'Dead Space: Martyr' quite a bit and I would highly suggest it to everyone who loves the games.

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