New Additions and the Annual Book Fair

Every year between May and June (sometimes earlier) there's the annual book fair here in Lisbon, Portugal. There's tons of publishers that get together and organize some of the best discounts on their books.
I try to go every year, but last year I failed to attend. But it's fine because this year, I went and I must say it was really good. I will go back before it ends.

There's even certain authors who attend in order to promote their books or just to meet some fans and give autographs.

I only bought two books since I didn't take much money with me, but I am happy with my purchases.

Title: Finish this Book
Author: Keri Smith
Pages: 206
Publisher: Perigee Trade

I was hoping to find Wreck this Journal, but unfortunately they were sold out, which is fine I will get it eventually. Instead I got this one by the same author and I can't wait to start it. This will be a good way to spend my free time.

Title: Gone Girl
Author: Gillian Flynn
Pages: 560
Publisher: Crown

I've heard about this book quite a lot and since it won the Goodreads 2012 Choice Awards I thought it could be good. After reading its description I saw it was a book made for me to read. I am excited about this one and I hope not to get disappointed with it.

Has anyone read these books? What are your thoughts on them?

P.S.: I will try to get some decent photos of the book fair to share with you soon.


  1. I received Gone Girl for Christmas last year. I still have not read it. I need to before the Summer is out though lol.

  2. I have a friend who recommended Gone Girl to me, but I haven't actually read it yet. I've been warned that it's very twisted and disturbing, but very good.

  3. I haven't read Gone Girl also, but my mother is currently reading it and I think she's enjoying. I'll try to read it this summer, then we can talk about it =)

    1. I have the english version so if you want it, I'll let you borrow it :)

    2. I also have the english version for the ipad, but I think I'll be lazy and read it in portuguese =P