Review - Dark Spell

*Disclaimer: A copy was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for a honest review*

Title: Dark Spell
Author: Gill Arbuthnott
Release Date: August 1st 2013
Pages: 224
Publisher: Floris Books

My Rating:

Fifteen-year-year-old Callie Hall has just found out that she is a witch...and things keep going wrong. Sometimes her mind seems to make things happen, things she cannot control.

She can set fire to things without a match, and when shes angry people can get hurt. Her friend Josh understands that shes a bit strange, but it is only on a dark and dangerous visit to the tunnels beneath the ruins of St Andrews' castle that he realizes just how strange she really is. Something comes back with Callie--in Callie--something she cannot escape.

Can Callie control her power long enough to send back the darkness before it takes over her life? Will Josh ever understand her secret? A brilliant, engrossing young peoples fantasy from the author of Winterbringers and The Keepers Daughter. (Ages 11-13)

My Thoughts

I found this book to be an ok read, mostly because at the beginning it was hard to get the hang of it, because it had too many time jumps, better yet, it had too many breaks between events. I can understand why the author was doing it, he was trying to give us a better perspective of who Callie was and her circumstances and what not, but I don't really find it appealing when it comes to enhancing my reading experience.

This being said, Dark Spell has a quite interesting story, and since it's for ages 11 - 13 I think this is a very good book. After the main events started happening and I got more into the story, I started liking it a bit better and I didn't want to put it down, but I still found there was something missing in this book. I can't really exactly explain what, but there was.

I think I was expecting this book to have a different perspective on magic and witches then what the author presented me with but we have to remember that this book is for young kids, so because of that, I will not take this very seriously. Also I did not like the ending very much, even though it leaves plenty space for a second book.

Overall this book was ok but it could definitely be better.

Review - Panic

Title: Panic
Author: Jeff Abbott
Release Date: June 8th 2006
Pages: 408
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group

My Rating: 

What if everything in your life was a lie?

Things are going well for 24 year-old Evan Casher: his career as a documentary filmmaker is booming and his relationship with his new girlfriend, Carrie, couldn’t be better. After an urgent phone call from his mother, he makes an unexpected trip home to Austin. Then the unthinkable happens. He arrives to find his mother brutally murdered, and narrowly escapes an attempt on his own life.

Spirited away from the scene by an enigmatic mercenary with an agenda of his own, Evan is confronted with a shocking fact: his entire life has been little more than a carefully constructed lie. Pursued by a powerful, ruthless organization of killers who will stop at nothing to keep old secrets buried, Evan’s only hope for survival is to uncover the truth about his family…and his own past. With his mother’s attackers fast on his heels and with no one to trust--not the authorities, his father, nor the woman he loves--his perilous search takes him from the Texas Hill Country to New Orleans, to London, and to Miami. Full of unforgettable characters and jolting plot twists, Panic is an emotionally charged, heart-stopping thriller about one man’s determination to take back his stolen life.

My Thoughts

I don't even know how to begin this review... that's how good this book was. It was completely filled with action from page 3 to the very last page of it.

I actually read this book in 2 days because I could not put it down, it was completely addictive. I went to bed thinking of it and got up in the morning thinking of it. And once I was done reading it, I wanted to read it again just in case I missed something.

Jeff Abbott in my oppinion did a hell of a job with this book. All the praise I've heard about it is correct, this book is awesome and it has a very good story. Everything makes sense and there's not boring situations in it. Everything is action and this could easily be made into a movie, but I bet even that would not be better than the book.

I loved Evan. He addapted very well to the situation he was put in, and the author made this addaption seem real, like how a person would deal with the troubles Evan was put through.

I don't even know how to properly write a review about this book because all the words that I can think about are: awesome, great, amazing, oh my god, best thriller I've read so far.