New Additions

Today I had the pleasure of going to a outlet bookstore... And I bought four books for a really cheap price. I'm so happy about it.

Title: Scalpel
Author: Paul Carson
Release Date: July 16th 1998

A killer is stalking the corridors of Dublin's Central Maternity Hospital.A young laboratory assistant is found brutally murdered at her bench.

The only clue is a blood-stained scalpel. The police investigation, led by DS Kate Hamilton, is blocked by a wall of silence from hospital staff, desperate to protect their reputations. DS Hamilton suspects the murderer is among them. As she closes in on the killer, she little realises that the hunter has become the hunted. In the same week, the newborn baby of one of Ireland's top industralists is kidnapped, a baby born at the Central Maternity Hospital only days before.

Will Hamilton uncover the killer before he gets to his next victim?

Will the police find the baby before it's too late?

Every patient's nightmare is about to come true.

Title: The Hollow People
Author: Brian Keaney
Release Date: September 25th 2007

ON THE SINISTER ISLAND where strict obedience to the laws of the mysterious Dr. Sigmundus holds sway, dreaming will get you locked up and branded a lunatic, a danger to society and to all who know you.

In this doomed and repressive place, two teens that were never meant to meet or share their dreams, cross paths and set in motion that which rips them from the lives they were meant to lead. Together they join forces with a ragtag group of rebel forces bent on breaking the grip of lies and illusions their countrymen have accepted without question.

 For fans of thoughtful science fiction and fantasy, The Hollow People opens a window on the unseen worlds that surround us. It is the first installment in The Promises of Dr. Sigmundus.

Title: Infected
Author: Scott Sigler
Release Date: April 1st 2008

Across America a mysterious disease is turning ordinary people into raving, paranoid murderers who inflict brutal horrors on strangers, themselves, and even their own families. Working under the government’s shroud of secrecy, CIA operative Dew Phillips crisscrosses the country trying in vain to capture a live victim.

With only decomposing corpses for clues, CDC epidemiologist Margaret Montoya races to analyze the science behind this deadly contagion. She discovers that these killers all have one thing in common – they’ve been contaminated by a bioengineered parasite, shaped by a complexity far beyond the limits of known science. 

Meanwhile Perry Dawsey – a hulking former football star now resigned to life as a cubicle-bound desk jockey – awakens one morning to find several mysterious welts growing on his body. Soon Perry finds himself acting and thinking strangely, hearing voices . . . he is infected. The fate of the human race may well depend on the bloody war Perry must wage with his own body, because the parasites want something from him, something that goes beyond mere murder.

Title: You Suck
Author: Christopher Moore
Release Date: January 16th 2007

"You bitch, you killed me. You suck!"

 Being dead sucks. Make that being undead sucks.

Literally. Just ask Thomas C. Flood. Waking up after a fantastic night unlike anything he's ever experienced, he discovers that his girlfriend, Jody—the woman of his dreams—is a vampire. And surprise! Now he's one, too.

For some couples, the whole biting-and-blood thing would have been a deal breaker. But Tommy and Jody are in love, and they vow to work through their issues. Like how much Jody should teach Tommy about his new superpowers (and how much he needs to learn on his own). Plus there's Tommy's cute new minion, sixteen-year-old goth girl Abby Normal. (Well, someone has to run errands during daylight hours!)

Making the relationship work, however, is the least of Jody and Tommy's problems. Word has it that the vampire who nibbled on Jody wasn't supposed to be recruiting any new members into the club. Even worse, Tommy's erstwhile turkey-bowling pals are out to get him, at the urging of a blue-dyed Las Vegas call girl named (duh) Blue.

And that really sucks.

What were your new additions this month?

My secret reading pleasure...

We all have this one book or series that we love but are kind of reluctant to share with other people. It may be erotica books, childrens books, or even comics.

Today I decided to share a series that I love but never really talk about. It is...

I have a weird obsession with these books, I just love them. I haven't read the entire series yet but I am sure I will.

Whenever I'm in between books and not entirely sure what to read next - when you have so many books it's incredibly hard to decide - I end up reading one of these and I enjoy them very very much.

Like with all series, some are better than others and I usually rate them on goodreads but I never really write a review nor do I talk to anyone about them.

I remember being a kid and being incredibly terrified of the tv show, even the opening title made me close my eyes and gave me nightmares for quite some time. Now looking back I can see that it isn't really scary, but it is very interesting to compare my view of it as a child and as an adult.

I have read, so far, 22 books of the original series so I have a long way to go before I finish it, since this series is composed of 62 books.

So my secret isn't all that secret anymore... What about you? What's your secret reading pleasure?

Why I have been MIA and new plans for the blog.

I have been lacking on my posts for a very long time and I felt like I owned a little explanation about it.

In May I got a job at a supermarket and recently (this last month) it has been chaotic, we lost one of our members which meant that we all got overloaded with work. This made me go into a permanent tired state which didn't allow me to do much else besides get home and get to sleep.

Because of this I haven't been reading much, and it has been taking me ages to complete a book, which sucks since I have a long list of books to review and some lovely authors contacted me asking to read their books.

So I'm gonna try harder from now on and post with more regularity, not only book reviews but some other subjects that I feel will go well with my blog. For instance, I'm gonna be posting more "feature and follow" posts on fridays and I'm gonna post about my progress with "Wreck this Journal" and "Finish this Book".

Let me know what you think of this and if you have any other suggestions I'd love to hear them.