Why I have been MIA and new plans for the blog.

I have been lacking on my posts for a very long time and I felt like I owned a little explanation about it.

In May I got a job at a supermarket and recently (this last month) it has been chaotic, we lost one of our members which meant that we all got overloaded with work. This made me go into a permanent tired state which didn't allow me to do much else besides get home and get to sleep.

Because of this I haven't been reading much, and it has been taking me ages to complete a book, which sucks since I have a long list of books to review and some lovely authors contacted me asking to read their books.

So I'm gonna try harder from now on and post with more regularity, not only book reviews but some other subjects that I feel will go well with my blog. For instance, I'm gonna be posting more "feature and follow" posts on fridays and I'm gonna post about my progress with "Wreck this Journal" and "Finish this Book".

Let me know what you think of this and if you have any other suggestions I'd love to hear them.

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