Review - The Suicide Shop

Title: The Suicide Shop
Author: Jean Teulé
Publisher: Gallic Books
Release Date: July 2nd 2008

My Rating:

Has your life been a failure? Let's make your death a success.

With the twenty-first century just a distant memory and the world in environmental chaos, many people have lost the will to live. And business is brisk at The Suicide Shop. Run by the Tuvache family for generations, the shop offers an amazing variety of ways to end it all, with something to fit every budget.

The Tuvaches go mournfully about their business, taking pride in the morbid service they provide. Until the youngest member of the family threatens to destroy their contented misery by confronting them with something they ve never encountered before: a love of life.

My Thoughts

I first saw this book on a bookstore's website and I got immediately interested. Having a sort of morbid kind of humor, also referred to as dark humor, I thought this was my kind of book.

Once I started reading in, I became immediately emersed in the book. It was funny and incredibly entertaining to see how the Tuvache family dealt with little Alan who insisted on being  the happiest person in the world.

Little Alan Tuvache, sabotaged devices, created havoc in their store by making the costumers leave without buying anything and stressed his father to the point of having a mental breakdown. I personally loved little Alan, because of his happy nature, especially since he was in a very morbid and pessimist environment.

Jean Teulé has a beautiful way of writing. He can make you laugh out loud with the way he writes certain situations, and he can also break your heart in ways you did not know were possible. Yes, I'm talking about the ending of the book... I will not spoil it for you, but damn, I was so surprised that I couldn't keep my mind of off it for the rest of the day. Even though this happened, I still absolutely loved this book.

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