My secret reading pleasure...

We all have this one book or series that we love but are kind of reluctant to share with other people. It may be erotica books, childrens books, or even comics.

Today I decided to share a series that I love but never really talk about. It is...

I have a weird obsession with these books, I just love them. I haven't read the entire series yet but I am sure I will.

Whenever I'm in between books and not entirely sure what to read next - when you have so many books it's incredibly hard to decide - I end up reading one of these and I enjoy them very very much.

Like with all series, some are better than others and I usually rate them on goodreads but I never really write a review nor do I talk to anyone about them.

I remember being a kid and being incredibly terrified of the tv show, even the opening title made me close my eyes and gave me nightmares for quite some time. Now looking back I can see that it isn't really scary, but it is very interesting to compare my view of it as a child and as an adult.

I have read, so far, 22 books of the original series so I have a long way to go before I finish it, since this series is composed of 62 books.

So my secret isn't all that secret anymore... What about you? What's your secret reading pleasure?

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  1. I can't believe it, good old ARREPIOS ...LOL! This sure takes me back...

    I actually only had a couple of those back in the days, but I sure as hell remember them. Even though I never really found them scary, they were still great fun back then.

    But if I had a "not-really-much-of-a-secret reading pleasure", it would probably be the Fighting Fantasy series - . Got my first one back when I was 10, and I gotta say, it was probably the first time I got so excited over a book.

    Back then (and we're talking 1994 here), gamebooks were still quite the novelty in Portugal. For the first time, I was actually the main character in a book - an active, decisive part in the whole narrative (which had variations according to my own choices). That concept alone blew me away back then. Eventually, I got the whole collection (at least what was published over here, no internet shopping back then!). Nowadays, it's pretty hard finding the original version in english, unless it's on the secondary market... but I really dislike used books, so...

    Anyway, I guess I'll probably go and get some more Goosebumps myself! ;)