Top 5 for February

So last month I read 11 books! Hooray for me! And this little fact brings me closer to my goal of reading 100 books this year. If you may recall, last year I also had this very same goal but life happened hardcore time, and I only ended up reading 51 books... I know, I know, I suck.

Well, hopefully this year will be different! I will succeed and I will read 100 books. Anyways let's get to the topic of this post and figure out what are my 'I.MUST.READ.THEM.NOW.' books for this month.

So a little background on why I got this book... I just did. That's it. I didn't know it was coming out as a movie, but I am happy that it is, because the trailer looks awesome. This being said, I am sure I am going to sob my way through this book and hopefully I won't be disappointed when the movie comes out.

I am not big on romances to be honest, even though I am secretely a very romantic person. Yes I say secretely because most people don't get to see this part of me... actually no one gets to see this part of me.
Anyways, I thought this seemed like a different sort of tragic romance, plus it is John Green and from what I have seen from his videos, he is a very sweet person, so I figured it would come out through his writting.

Well... in these last couple of months I seem to be gravitating towards books about depression/suicide attemps/anxiety, which isn't exactly good for me, so I decided this month I shall get away from all that and I will read books that I wouldn't normally read.

I had this friend recommend this book to me, and after reading its synopsis I thought it would actually be an interesting book to read. Also it has John Green in it, and as I said before, he sounds like a very sweet person and I wanna see how that comes out through his writting.

And this will officially be the John Green month for me. And yes, I know I have said that I was trying to keep away from books that talked about depression/suicide attempts but it is John Green and this book is highly reviewed and I shall make an exception for this.

It is no secret that I am a sucker for apocalyptic books/movies, either they are about zombies or aliens. As long as they have some sort of "monsters" I am into it.

I have read about this book last year and I got immediately interested, it sort of reminds me of "The 5th Wave" but I don't want to compare them especially since I have yet to read this one.

A scientist makes a deal with the devil...twice. What's not to love about this? When I first this book, I got instantly attracted to its cover and title, and after reading the synopsis, I had to read it.

Hopefully it will live up to my expectations.

I plan on reading more books besides this 5 books, but at least this 5 are guaranteed. What about you? What books are you going to read this month?


  1. You don't suck dear, I wish I had read 51 (25 ;_;).

    Anyway, this month I want to read the May Bird trilogy :D Hopefully I will start tomorrow :D

    And I love the cover of The Necromancer


    1. I need to buy that trilogy once it comes out in a box :3 Can't wait, let me know how it goes!!

    2. isso... continuem a fingir que não são tugas

  2. opa ritolas se a moça põe as cenas em inglês a gente tem de comentar em inglês xD

    1. Rita você é uma coisa fantástica... Eu à espera de um comment assim bonito afinal... Não há condições!

  3. saudadinhas vossas parvalhonas! :)