Review - The Accidental Time Traveller

*This book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for a honest review*

Title: The Accidental Time Traveller
Author: Janis Mackay
Publisher: Kelpies
Release Date: February 21st 2013

My Rating:

Saul is on his way to the corner shop on a seemingly ordinary day, when a girl appears suddenly in the middle of the road. She does not understand traffic or the things she sees in shops, and she’s wearing a long dress with ruffled sleeves. Her name is Agatha Black.

Agatha Black is from 1812, and Saul needs to find a way to get her back to her time. With help from his buddies Will and Robbie, he tries to figure out how to make time travel happen.

This face-paced, time-traveling adventure from Janis Mackay (author of the Magnus Fin books) is full of funny misunderstandings and gripping action.

My Thoughts

This book was on my 'to be reviewed' list for a really long time (since last year) and I decided it was time to ge to it.

'The Accidental Time Traveller' was a funny surprise to me. It started quite slow, but then it picked up really fast and I did not want to put it down until I found out if Agatha Black managed to get back to the past or not.

When it comes to the characters of this book, Agatha was most certainly my favorite. Her old fashioned way of speaking along with her fascination with everything that we now find commom was incredible. Actually this was probably my favorite part of this book, how the author was able to capture this innocence and fascination with the new century - our century - and put it down to words in a way that allowed you to almost experience it like it was new to you too.
Also, Janis Mackay was able to write this book from the perspective of an eleven-year-old boy with such perfection that I was completely amazed. Saul was a young boy with a huge heart, and the way he risked his friendships to help a girl he didn't know much about was beautiful.

This book is kind of perfect for children, since it covers dealing with what some may consider 'strange' people, bullying and how being able to look past our differences may come in our favor.

I will most certainly have my niece read this book... once she learns english of course.

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